Sustainable Living Pods, Eco-Restorative Futuristic Homes

2nd February 2023

Ocean Builders, a leading ocean innovation technology company based in Panama, recently revealed their revolutionary living pods that will change the way humankind thinks about home, travel,


An exclusive destination within itself, the Pods elevate luxury living with state-of-the-art technology, top-tier amenities and customisable applications that will tailor both the design and functionality of each Pod to accommodate each resident and guest. Native Pod software allows for ease of home management from lighting, and temperature control to more advanced luxuries such as setting shower temperature and water pressure. The software will continue to update as services and automations are added allowing each Pod to evolve with the latest capabilities that are constantly being developed. A wearable smart ring will offer residents another means for conveniently controlling various touch points and applications throughout the Pods – with a simple wave of the hand, the rings can unlock doors, turn on music, and more.

The power source is solar electric with a backup generator to supplement and water is collected from rainwater for showers, washing machines, and for the kitchen and bathroom sinks. There is also a desalination machine in case of insufficient rain, with minerals being added to water rendering it healthy to drink. The Pods contain separate tanks for storing salt water, rainwater, drinking water, grey water, and black water.

Aerial Delivery Drones, customised and perfected to withstand high winds and other overwater conditions will be used to deliver food, medicine, and everyday smaller items while the ASTRO (Autonomous Surface Transport & Recycling Operations) ASV (Autonomous Surface Vessel) will be able to safely transport up to 200 kg for larger deliveries including luggage, furniture, and for resident transport to and from the SeaPods. The ASTRO ASV will also act as an ocean recycling vessel to help collect trash and debris, and clean up the area surrounding the stuctures. The exterior of the Pods themselves can be cleaned with an extendable cleaning device.

The SeaPods are each anchored to three fixed points with individual anchors for stability. This also provides them with a precise location which streamlines drone deliveries.


The launch of the SeaPods marks the introduction of the eco-restorative home. With the driving focus on sustainability, every aspect of the Pods, from design to application and operations, has been created to benefit the surrounding environment. Through the eco restorative home, Ocean Builders has developed the capacity to create a natural habitat for ocean life to occupy and thrive based on the design and engineering of each Pod – ultimately attracting sea life that generates flourishing underwater ecosystems.

Speaking directly of the new, first-of-its-kind offering, Grant Romundt stated, “We no longer live in a world of impossibilities. We are sending people to space and childlike dreams are quickly becoming a reality. We are creating a new real estate asset class and luxury lifestyle that will redefine how and where we live while optimising the health, safety, and sustainability of the environments that house the Pods and the residents and guests who will ultimately occupy them.”


To begin with, the first SeaPods will be located offshore in Panama. By the end of 2023, Ocean Builders will have the first 100 fully owned custom Pods in production or delivered. A second deployment of over 1,000 fully owned Pods will begin in 2024. As a result of demand, the first land-based GreenPods will be installed in Panama next summer. The technology is the same, but more simplified. The company is working towards an announcement on where the first international GreenPod will be based.

About Ocean Builders

Ocean Builders is an ocean-innovation technology company based in Puerto Lindo, Panama. Their mission is to develop revolutionary blue technology that makes the 72 per cent of the world that is covered in water into an eco-sustainable paradise. Ocean Builders’ innovative and proprietary technology will allow civilisation to move onto the sea and it will unlock the ocean as a new frontier with a quality of life that is unrivalled anywhere else. The company believes that by learning to live on the water, they will open a new wave of eco-sustainable innovation that will lead to living more sustainably on land.


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